Food + Drink

While our menu changes with the seasons, here is what is coming out of our kitchen at this time of the year for you to enjoy.


Smoothie Bowls

Almond – Blended base of almond butter, banana, vanilla yogurt and almond milk. Topped with berries, quinoa granola, toasted almonds and cocoa nibs $13

Turmeric Mango – Blended base of mango, peaches, turmeric, fresh ginger, yogurt and dates. Topped with mango, kiwi, toasted coconut, quinoa granola and raspberries $13

Souk Fries

Hand cut fries topped with grilled eggplant, cucumber salad, crispy halloumi, creamy tahini and a sunny side up egg $11 add lamb $6

Pita Nosh

Grilled pita with fresh falafel, cucumber salad, tomato, hummus, two poached eggs and lemon-garlic tahini. Served open-face $16


TGW Classic

Two eggs with bacon, sausage or avocado. Served with toast, fresh greens and potatoes $14 available as a kids-only half sized order $7

Cozy French Toast

Cinnamon swirl brioche dipped in vanilla anglaise with Ontario maple syrup and berries $15

Berries and Granola

Sheldon Creek yogurt with quinoa granola, fresh fruit and honey $10

Salmon Rosti

Shredded Yukon Gold potato rosti with smoked salmon, fresh cucumber, sour cream, dill and two poached eggs $18


House rye bread with two poached eggs and hollandaise. Served with fresh greens or potatoes $15 add peameal $5 add spinach $2 add tomato $2 add bacon $4 add smoked salmon $5 add avocado $2

Almost Huevos

Vegan tofu scramble with avocado, pico de gallo, and beans. Served with toast, fresh greens and potatoes $15


Chorizo with Yukon Gold potatoes, roasted tomato-red pepper sauce, garlic aioli and two eggs $18 


Daily omelette served with fresh greens or potatoes $15


Mixed board of house bites; fresh falafel, crispy halloumi, smoked salmon, hummus, cucumber salad, sumac watermelon, pickles and grilled bread $30

Chopped Salads

Grilled Cobb

Avocado, grilled tomatoes, green onions, grilled corn, bacon lardon, hard boiled egg and crispy pita croutons, with buttermilk dressing $15 add grilled chicken $7

Smoked Trout

Smoked trout, cucumber, grilled radicchio, lentils and almonds, with herb vinaigrette $15

Curry Chickpea

Chickpeas, cauliflower, endive, toasted walnuts, golden raisins, feta and spinach, with curry vinaigrette $15 add grilled chicken $7



Chipotle chicken with grilled corn, beans, avocado, salsa and lime-cilantro crema $16


Seared whitefish with grilled zucchini, tomatoes, cucumber, marinated olives and gremolata $18


Grilled garlic shrimp with sugar snap peas, watermelon radish, avocado and ruby red grapefruit vinaigrette $16


Grilled shawarma chicken with lentil salad, pickled turnips, cucumber and lemon tahini $16


BBQ tofu with grilled corn, smoky coleslaw, and fried okra $16

Tel Aviv

House fresh falafel with lentil salad, pickled beets, hummus, cucumber and lemon tahini $15 


TGW Burger

100% Bespoke Butcher’s ground chuck patty with cheese, house pickles, tomato, red onion, lettuce and dijonaise on a sesame seed bun $18 bacon $4 

Fried Chicken

Buttermilk fried chicken with miso ranch, house pickles and greens on a sesame seed bun $18


Seed to Sausage pastrami, swiss and gruyere cheese, sauerkraut and smoky russian dressing on house rye bread $18 

Crispy Sweet Potato

Roasted sweet potato, avocado, alfalfa sprouts, crispy onions, greens and romesco on house rye bread $15

Veggie Burger

Red beet and quinoa patty with roasted celeriac, smoky tahini, greens and avocado on a multigrain bun $15 

Grilled Cheese

blend of three cheeses on house bread, with fries or fresh greens $15 kids-only half sized order $7