Food + Drink

While our menu changes with the seasons, here is what is coming out of our kitchen at this time of the year for you to enjoy.

The Quickies

House Bagel

house made bagel with butter $4
add cream cheese
 $1, tomato + cucumber + onion $2, smoked salmon $4.5, get creative with more ADD-ONS…


house bread with butter and jam $4

Smoothie Fix

spinach, bananas, berries and chia seeds $8


The Green Wood Burger

classic burger topped with the works, with fries or fresh greens $15 add bacon $2 cheese $2

Grilled Cheese

blend of three cheeses on house bread and homemade ketchup, with fries or fresh greens $14 available as a kids-only half sized order $6

Veggie Burger

black bean and chia seed burger with the works, with fries or fresh greens $14

Fried Chicken

buttermilk brined fried chicken on a house bun with spicy honey and fresh coleslaw, with fries or fresh greens $16


Tel Aviv

house falafel, chickpea salad, cucumbers, tomatoes, greens and olives, with tzatziki $15 add lamb $6


grilled chicken, black beans, avocado, pico de gallo and grilled corn, with chipotle lime crema $15


grilled shrimp, avocado, grilled zucchini, julienne carrots and pepitas, with tahini $15


seared trout, pickled beets, cucumbers, dilly potatoes, pickled onions and shredded kale $16


kimchi, spicy tofu, fresh veggies and a soft poached egg, with carrot, sesame and ginger dressing $15 add pork belly $5


like our city, it’s always changing, just ask! $15

The Brunch

Souk Fries

hand cut fries topped with grilled eggplant, sumac seasoned salads, spicy tahini, a fried egg and crispy halloumi $10 add lamb $6

The Green Wood Classic

two farm eggs and bacon or sausage, with fresh greens, roasted potatoes and house toast $14 available as a kids-only half sized order $6

Cabin Breakfast

oatmeal, berries and crunchy granola, with maple syrup $12

Classic Shakshuka

spiced tomato stew topped with two baked eggs and crumbled feta, with house toast $15

The Madame

classic ham and cheese melt with dijon spread and a fried egg, with fresh greens or potatoes $15

Salmon Rosti

crispy potato pancakes with fresh cucumber and dill, sour cream, smoked salmon and two poached eggs $16

Cozy French Toast

cinnamon swirled brioche soaked in vanilla custard, served with berries and maple syrup $12

Pita Pocket

scrambled eggs, cherry tomatoes, fresh herbs and greens or potatoes $12

Peameal Benny

grilled peameal bacon on house bread with two poached eggs and hollandaise, served with fresh greens or potatoes $15 add smoked salmon $4.5


changes weekly, with fresh greens $14



grilled peaches, radicchio, corn and tomatoes on fresh greens and shredded kale, with sherry dressing $14


fresh, confit and grilled tomatoes, homemade rye bread and crispy mozzarella, with house vinaigrette $12

Eat Your Greens

every vegetables in house on fresh greens, with house vinaigrette $11 create your own salad adventure with more ADD-ONS…




Mennonite Bacon






Fried Halloumi




Smoked Salmon


Seared Trout




House Falafel




Pork Belly


Fried Chicken


Grilled Chicken




Side Fresh Greens


Side Fries



$0.5 (want extra sauce on the side?) we make all our beautiful sauces and dips in house.